Thursday, April 22, 2010

Currently Obsessing On: Celine Classic Box Bag

As seen in the Celine S/S 2010 Lookbook

Nope, I'm not buying. I'm just saying, it's nice no? As the name of the bag goes, it is a classic! As in a serious classic piece that transcends trends. That Phoebe and her accessories design team at Celine are a bunch of geniuses! You know, like brilliant scientists concocting breakthroughs in their design lab. Oh Phoebe! How I love thee! And I am not alone in my thoughts. In the May issue of Vogue, they've declared of Phoebe and her bag..."the fashion flock has already deemed her latest an instant classic."

Here are more pictures of the Classic Box, in real life, as seen over Paris Fashion Week! See if this doesn't want you to go out and get one for yourself!

I like the structural shape, the restraint, the discipline of eliminating embellishments, and the fact that it has no logo. Just a bag to be recognized by those in the know. The bags comes in small and medium sizes and in various skins: python, calf, suede, and crocodile:

What's best, the straps are removable so it can function as a clutch! That's like hitting a two in one!

I have no idea where to buy these bags here though. I've checked Barneys online but haven't seen it there. Maybe I will go to the store just to see. Just to see!

I know these are available in Hong Kong fo sho, all the Hong Kong blogs have been writing about this! Prices for the Classic Box Bag start from HK$21,000.

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Jocy said...

Very classic.

Anonymous said...

tin! they sell that bag @ the barneys stores :) saw them in LA and SF

cd_mfo said...

Yes Jocy! Very classic indeed! =)

Uh-oh! Dangerous! Hahaha! Will check it out nga! Just to appreciate, haha! Thanks Grace!

Kristine said...

Wow, I love them Christine! Does that mean our regular Celine stores here in PI don't sell them?

cd_mfo said...

Hi Kristine, yes, the Celine we see in malls in the Philippines is a local chain retailing shoes, bags & clothes. It's totally different from the house of Celine in Paris.

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