Thursday, May 27, 2010

Berry Eats Pinkberry

It was so hot yesterday, we had to duck into a Pinkberry to escape the heat! My sister Nicole and I finished a medium cup each. Berry ate most of the fruit toppings!

See? Oh, hey! Check out Berry's hair! It's growing now! She looks like a grasshead. Hahaha!

Yum! I want more!

Ok Mom, let's go now! I'm full! And I want to go to Sephora!


LegallyChef said...

@Berry: I like your shirt! Can I borrow?

@Tin: Pinkberry yum, had red mango yesterday. Try the pomegranate sa Pinkberry! Did they open na somewhere near you guys?

Eubelle said...

yummy! eulla knows all the near location of pinkberry around us and tia gets all hyped when she sees the container (she already knows)!!! thanks to tita trina who introduced it to us. they both LOVE it.

they are coming out with watermelon and cucumber on june they said. wonder how that will taste like :)

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