Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Weekend Giveaway: MFO x Baby Mama Voting Begins!

Dearest Karla, Anon, Car, Nora, Pre-Pre, Louina, Kristina, Irene, Aileen, Jenny, Margate, Myra, Michelle, Pearlsha, Rye and Ann,

Thank you so much for your entries! You have no idea how inspiring your stories are. We can only hope for other moms and moms-to-be to read and learn from your experiences. You are such devoted mothers and I know your resoluteness to breastfeed will pay you such wonderful dividends not only now but in the years ahead.

I can honestly say we had such a blast reading your anecdotes. It's both touching and funny to see how far you'd go for the love of your children and breastfeeding!

I wish we can give each of you the prize, but since we can only have one winner, I strongly encourage you to spread the word to your family and friends to go to Facebook to vote for your entry so you can bring home the goodies!

To My Dear Readers,

Please support our "Breastfeeding and Proud of it Mommies" and join us in the electoral process!

Here's the --> Baby Mama Facebook page! Voting begins today and ends June 6, 2010.

We'll announce the winner by June 7, 2010! Good luck Mommies!

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