Monday, May 10, 2010

Give Me Liberty or Give Me...

A.P.C. !

While it's wonderful that Kamiseta did a collaboration with Liberty of London, I just wish they didn't overdo it you know? They should have just let the prints "speak", instead of doing that print on print thing with the ribbons and all that jazz.

I think A.P.C. worked with Liberty prints the best. The pieces they came up with were simple and understated. This is what classic is all about. Fresh but still harkening to Liberty's traditional roots.

But there's no denying, the fact that Liberty worked with Kamiseta is a feat in itself. And we hope for more collabs with international labels to come! Now Kamiseta can say they're at the level of 10 Corso Como, Cacharel, Louis Vuitton, Nike & Yves St. Laurent - labels who have worked with Liberty, a historic yet still relevant English institution!


Anonymous said...

I kinda feel the same. I excitedly walked over to Kamiseta in ShangriLa Mall upon learning about the collab but while I loved the fabrics in themselves, I just couldn't bring myself to get something. It was way too much of a good thing.

cd_mfo said...

My sentiments exactly! A true case of too much of a good thing!

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