Friday, May 28, 2010

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #16: Everywhere, Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers

I've just about breastfed my daughter everywhere that I could think of. From public places such as airports, airplanes, taxis, buses, bus stations, restaurants, zoo, church to the private such a restroom in Greenbelt standing up, our own bathroom/toilet because Euna and I were alone the first few months of her life and I couldn't very well let her cry when all she needs from me is to feed her. But the craziest/weirdest for me among them wouldn't be where but how.

One Sunday we were in Market! Market! when Euna started fussing, I made a beeline for the breastfeeding station on the 3rd floor only to find out that it's closed. I found an ultrasound clinic nearby and asked if the breastfeeding station was closed (I thought whoever was looking after it must be on a break or something). Turns out they only operate Mondays to Saturdays. The good thing is that the woman manning the clinic (I think they were closed already for the day), realizing our need, offered the clinic's backroom so that Euna and I could get some privacy.

That wasn't the only time. The same thing also happened at David's Salon in Waltermart Makati while my husband was having his hair cut. We were waiting for him at the waiting area when Euna started getting fussy. I went to my husband while the hairdresser was still cutting away his hair and told him that I needed to feed Euna soon. The hairdresser, listening in to our conversation, offered the salon's facial room so that my daughter and I could get some privacy.

What really strikes me among all these is the kindness of strangers. Normally, I'm used to indifference from people in big cities but when they see a child in need, these same strangers would go to lengths to satisfy/accommodate that need. Thank you for making life easier for us breastfeeding moms and breastfeeding children.

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