Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MFO x Baby Mama Entry #8: Leaders Conference in Araneta Coliseum + Everywhere!

I breastfed my eldest son for 2 years and 4 months (he's now 3 years and 7 months), and am currently BF my daughter, for almost 11 months now. The craziest place I've breastfed both of them in is inside the Araneta Coliseum during our community's annual Leaders Conference, where thousands of people usually attend. Most of the time I've done it a few rows away from the stage, surrounded by lots of other people, who by God's grace, always seemed to be oblivious to my BF! (Except for those other moms who were also doing the same thing!)

P.S. I've also experienced BF on tricycles, jeeps, buses, airplanes, boats, cars, LRT in the Philippines, MRT in Singapore, at KL International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Bali International Airport, Brunei International Airport, several malls in the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, several churches (although I do go outside of course!) in the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia, AND almost every place I've been to in East Timor! Not to mention countless other places. I love BFing! :)


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