Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Photo Ops: HP x SATC2 Media Event + Pre-Screening

Ok, just had to share these photos! I was like a giddy fan there, Myrza and I just had to walk up to these industry legends, introduce ourselves and ask to have photos taken with them! Thanks for being my photographer Myrza! Heehee!

With Vivienne Tam. She's so delicate and soft spoken, it belies how much strength and passion she has for design! She was super warm, with no airs at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how a designer this big can be so approachable! She really played an instrumental role in making netbooks look so stylish. HP said she pushed the envelope and made the impossible in computer design possible! The handy size, the rounded edges and the Chinese snuff box finish of her digital clutches (or netbooks as we know it) were the realization of her thoughtful vision.

With Fern Mallis of Fern Mallis LLC and prior to that IMG. Dear readers, she is THE person who started NY Fashion Week! She's a visionaire and a force in the fashion industry! I was and still am in awe of her! And she is just the nicest lady! I love her! Story goes that the designers used to show all over NY during Fashion/Market Week. Michael Kors was showing in a blank, empty loft, and because the music was playing so loud, bits of plaster started falling onto the models. She said Naomi, Cindy and all the "one-names" just walked on like nothing happened, they were such pros. After that, she thought New York needed a safe place to hold shows. Funny that the first ever NY Fashion Week happened in Millennium Hotel, the same hotel where this presscon was held! That was in 1993, before NY Fashion Week became associated with Bryant Park. This coming Fashion Week and thereon, it's going to be at the Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side! Don't say I didn't remind you!

With Tracey Trachta, Executive Director of Global Marketing, Personal Systems Group of HP. Speaking as a former marketing manager (yep, that's what I did before I focused on family and my writing), all I can say is OMG! This lady is a genius! 60% of internet users are women, and women actually influence and/or 70% of consumer electronic purchases. Sensing how critical the female market is to their business, she is the one responsible for promoting computers to women. So if you were one of those women who suddenly needed a netbook/digital clutch in your life, just absolutely had to have one, especially after seeing the HP x Vivienne Tam editions, she's the one to blame! Heehee!

Ok, that's it! Again, watch out for my column On the Radar! In the meantime, wait for SATC2 to show and tell me what you think of the movie once you see it ok!

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RubyG said...

Ohhhh!! YOu're sooo lucky!! Love, love SATC2!!

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