Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Temperley London True British Charity Auction

Alice Temperley, Annie Lennox & Simon de Pury host a charity auction with a dinner by Mark Hix and supported by Harpers Bazaar.

‘Alice came to a Circle dinner... heavily pregnant with her soon to be born baby... I thought…
”Christ... I hope she doesn’t think we’re a bunch of nutters”!
She was so sweet… taking the whole evening in... Giving birth a few weeks afterwards.
And then... one day… months later... she came right up to the plate... That’s what this exhibition is about!
Alice is super gifted... unique... A doer... She makes extraordinary things happen...
Her creations are out of this world... yet of it... And when she says something... She absolutely means it.
Something about the idea of The Circle resonated with her. She didn’t waste time talking about it... she just got on… and did something.
My kind of gal is Alice T... Wow!’
-Annie Lennox

Inspired by a group of women who met over a dinner to which she had been invited by Annie Lennox, Alice Temperley began a two year long process that has culminated in her presiding over an ambitious project that sees her raising money for and benefiting directly the lives of others

Having always loved Africa, she decided upon an Oxfam charity, for which she could raise money and see with her own eyes how the money was being spent – this charity being The Circle

The Circle is a group of influential women who come together to use their profiles, ideas, skills and resources to connect with women living in poverty around the world and make a real difference to those lives – from empowering women so they might earn a living and giving girls the chance of an education to fighting HIV and AIDs, adapting to climate change and protecting women’s rights.

These like-minded women bring a fresh approach to the challenges women face both now and in the future, with funds raised from Circle events supporting Oxfam projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Since Christmas, Alice worked to create a series of beautiful images that would be showcased both as part of her highly anticipated Temperley London Autumn Winter presentation and later, crucially, to be auctioned at a high profile event. This essential element was combined with her inspiration for the winter collection - the beautiful photographs of the late Norman Parkinson, whose archive became available to Alice exclusively for this purpose.

Recreating Parkinson’s iconic look in her own signature, Alice Temperley worked with the winter collection on contemporary, quintessential, British women and invested in a highly skilled team to shoot the ‘muses’ across two days. The resulting series of 16 images included incredible British women such as Annie Lennox, Amanda Harlech, Sophie Dahl, Erin O’Connor, Rosamund Pike, Liberty Ross, Lily Cole and Laura Bailey, who all sat for the same cause.

Once the images were shot by Adam Whitehead, they were printed onto canvas and embroidered upon, making them decorative, and truly unique, existing under the title ‘True British’.

On the 18th May, together with Annie Lennox & Simon de Pury with support from Harpers Bazaar, Alice Temperley is hosting a private charity dinner & auction at Phillips de Pury gallery in London, catered by Mark Hix.

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