Thursday, June 24, 2010

DwellStudio Play

Because DwellStudio has realized that "parenting is tough enough without having to worry about raising cool kids", they took care of that via an assortment of products that show off playful designs that will definitely delight both children and parents, as you've seen here before!

More than just delightful products like beddings, bathrobes and stylish diaper bags, are also toys that inspire the imagination. Not to mention, super safe because these are made of fabric and foam, so no worries about ouchies during playtime!

Take for instance: Stacking Rings composed of five rings, each of which includes a tactile or aural component! Simple as this looks, it teaches children how to distinguish textures and appreciate patterns:

And yes, this is the sosyal version of the Fisher Price stacking rings we used to play with as kids!

There are also these Soft Blocks with each block representing a color, texture, number, shape, letter and animal! DwellStudio calls this toy "the point where style, education and playfulness intersect"!

Now check out these Mindblocks made up of 3 fitted parts. You can use this as a shape sorter, puzzzle or as building blocks!

It comes in an adorable tote too! As seen on Kelly Rutherford's son:

Berry has this exact same toy, and she enjoys bringing this along when she toddles about the house because of the handy dandy tote!

Here's the good news! We're doing a super fun blog contest with an amazing DwellStudio gift package worth Php10,000 up for grabs! Knowing how adorable and stylish DwellStudio products are, this is so worth joining! Promise!

DwellStudio is exclusively distributed by Quirks Marketing Philippines and is available in Rustan's Makati, Shangri-la & Alabang and online via (free shipping too!). Know more about DwellStudio and visit and


Aileen Natal Ramos said...

Yey! I'm so excited to join.cant wait : )

cd_mfo said...

Hi Aileen! Uy, thanks for dropping by! So happy to see you here! Haven't seen you in a looong time! Will post details by Sat morning! =)

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