Friday, June 25, 2010

Ebony & Ivory

I was also thinking of titling this post "Young & Old" or "New & Vintage" (referring to the sunnies our models are wearing of course - Berry with her Gap shades, and Angkong in vintage YSL), but I don't think Groovy Grandpa will like that. He might think I'm referring to his age, heehee!

Well, regardless of the age gap, these two are getting along pretty well!


LegallyChef said...

oh no she didn't!

Berry! That's my daddy! Wag ka sipsip!

RubyG said...

Ang cute nila!! :)

Summer Sunshine said...

Grandpa looks so happy holding Berry. :)

Anonymous said...

awwww.the look of pure joy from berry's angkong...-kristine D

cd_mfo said...

Lorr, oh yes she did!

Ruby! Hahaha! Super cute!

Awww, yes Summer Sunshine! He also loves smelling her hair, heehee!

Awww Kristine, yes it's pure joy =)

Anonymous said...

I sooo love the 2nd picture. The look on them both is priceless!

~ S from DC

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