Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inside The Alexa

As requested by JCD!

See, it's very roomy...and this is just the Alexa. How much more the Oversized! Has two inner pockets for easy access to your phone/Blackberry and keys. So you don't have to dig around the bag for them!

Fits all my essentials: big wallet, pouch for odds & ends, reusable bag, sunglasses. There's plenty of space for a cellphone, camera, plus car and house keys. I've tried stuffing it with a Born Free baby bottle and two little snack containers of Berry's and there was still room to spare. You'll fit much more, with the Oversized! Like more baby stuff, you can practically use it as a diaper bag!

Take note, the pouch is pretty huge. It fits my hand sanitizer, compact, gloss, lip balm, cheek tint, tape measure, plus other tiny stuff to keep them from getting lost inside. So this is a really roomy bag, so worth buying! I am sure your smart, generous and kind dear hubby will be more than thrilled to gift you with such a classic and practical bag! Oh, did I mention extremely handsome? Hahaha! I hope this helps in convincing!


jcd said...

Many thanks for sharing what the Alexa looks like on the inside.
It is fabulous!!! :-) Will definitely send this link to the hubby.

Thanks again! Love your blog!

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome! And crossing my fingers for you! =) PS - Oversized is the size of a Bayswater, so will be too heavy to sling on shoulder when worn too long!

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