Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stuck in Time

There are days when I am looking for excitement. I guess that's what happens when you're a stay-at-home mom and life revolves around Dear Hubby, Berry, my writing and doing chores. Mostly, I get my high from shopping. I have to admit, I've shopped more than I ever have since I found myself homebased more than ever.

Well, I got my wish today. I had an action star moment when my key fob wouldn't open the garage door. I was too lazy to enter through the front lobby since our hallway was nearer the garage elevator. I reached in through the gate and pressed the Open button from the outside. And well guess what, my watch got caught between the horizontal grills and I was carried up, up, up till my feet were dangling off the ground. No kidding. I was like a rag doll. And because the metal of my watch was very strong, it wouldn't budge and didn't break. No matter how hard I shook my wrist off, I was stuck in the grills.

When I realized I was getting too near the top, where the gate rolled up, I suddenly had the presence of mind to take a step up and get my wrist in an angle where I could let go. Then I jumped 6 feet down, and landed on my two feet, like a gymnast! Ha! There was no one around, but I'm pretty sure if someone looked out the window at the time, I flashed that person.

As soon as I got down, with only a sore wrist and a mild scrape on my leg, I felt a  huge sigh of relief. And a bit of thrill that I just did something so exciting, like I was in the movies!

When I got inside our apartment, I called my friends because what happened was so out of the ordinary!  Imagine jumping off a rising garage door! Although I was a bit shaken, I wasn't stirred. Sarj said, I could have lost my arm. That's when I realized how seriously bad things could have been. My friend Me-an asked me if I was screaming the whole time. I told her I wasn't. I was only concentrated on getting my wrist free. And how embarrassing it was that I was stuck on a gate! Bwahahaha!

Oh well! Lesson learned! Never open an automatic garage door from the outside! And, be careful what you wish for. Pfffft.

P.S. Thank you to my guardian angels!


Eubelle said...

OMG Tin! Good to hear your okay. I would have been scared to death!

Mi'Ann said...

glad you're okay! although being a stay-at-home is rewarding, it's also filled with tedium! and i shop online so much, it's scary!: )

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Belle! I think I was too embarrassed, I had no time to feel scared, heeheehee!

Omg Mi'Ann! Online shopping is both a boon and a bane! Such an enabler! I know what you mean by scary! Hahaha!

abby said...

cringe! i imagined you hanging by the garage door, scary!

i was a sahm for about a year and a half and like you, i never shopped more than i ever did when i wasn't working. i think i took the "i deserve to buy this because i'm caring for my child full time" bit a little too seriously! it doesn't help that i can get things at the mere click of a finger!

RubyG said...

Wow!! Ang galing!! Action hero!!! Next time, no more shortcuts, ok? Didn't they say, a stitch in time saves nine?

KayAnne said...

Oh my! I was actually waiting for a "then i woke up and realized it was just a dream" But nooooo. Crazy experience! Haha! I'm glad you're okay. :)

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