Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cambridge Satchel Co.

The batchel from Cambridge Satchel Co. can be worn as a backpack

School season is just around the corner for the kiddies here! And the best way to join in on the back-to-school wagon (ok fine, that was just an excuse to shop, heehee) is to get yourself an old-school satchel from Cambridge, UK's The Cambridge Satchel Company!

My friend Naomi, who is based in London, says this is the hottest thing to hit their streets these days. All the European editors there are crazy over these satchels, they've been featured in Italian Vogue, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Independent on Sunday, Daily Express, Grazia, etc. Come to think of it, this has been featured in  one of my favorite blogs, Refinery29, as well!

And just like in the good old days, for just a couple of quid, you can put your personal stamp on your Cambridge Satchel, just to make it a little bit more special:

Blind embossing

Gold embossing

Silver embossing

Cambridge satchels are hand made in the UK from real leather and take 2 to 4 weeks to make. There are actually a couple of styles and sizes to choose from so deciding on one will set you back a couple of days more before you can get your grubby hands on one!

The satchels come in 4 sizes:

11" - basically the size of a handbag. The long, fully adjustable strap makes the satchel equally suited to both adults and children. 11" (27.8cm) along top, 8" (20.3cm) height, 2.25" (5.2cm) depth

13" - Perfect for children under 8 years old who don't need to carry a school bookbag within their satchel. Also for a slightly bigger adult bag. 13" (32.9cm) along top, 9" (22.8cm) height, 3" (7.5cm) depth.

14" - This will hold A4 sheets. The perfect choice for children aged 7 and up that need to accommodate a school bookbag within their school bag. This is a very versatile satchel and will suit most purposes. 14" (35.5cm) along top, 10" (25.3cm) height, 3" (7.6cm) depth.

15" - A true messenger bag - great for teens, students and professionals alike. Many laptop computers fit in this satchel. 15" (38cm)  along top, 10" (25.3cm)  height, 4" (10.1cm)  depth.

Apart from satchels, they also make batchels. A batchel is basically just a satchel with a handle, that can also be used as a backpack. This only comes in the 15" size though.
The batchel from Cambridge Satchel Co. can be worn as a backpack

If you're not into bags, then maybe you'd care for a good old traditional trunk? They make trunks too! Look!
Everything is so delightfully retro right? What's more delightful is that prices are old-school too! For something hand made and fashioned out of real leather, prices start at $104 to $119 for satchels, $133 for batchels, and  $118 to $212 for trunks. Hmmm, that's just like Php5,000 to a little over Php10,000 max. That's an A+ in my book!

(Photos from The Cambridge Satchel Co.)


Joni Andrea said...

Ooh I saw this at Bagaholic Boy too a couple of months ago. Been thinking of getting one. They remind me of the Alexa but more structured. :)

RubyG said...

Those are cute bags for school but will not be useful over here... Nakakainis! Dito, dapat parang hand-carry size with wheels ... :(

Anonymous said...

Will they be available in manila?

Lloyda said...

ooooh pretty

Camille C said...

hey! they have them na at urban outfitters!! it's $158 =)

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOO!! Im distracted! AGAIN! I want huhuhuhuhu

dementia said...

adorable! when used as backpacks they remind me of Japanese school bags ^_^

Rhodora said...

i dont think its available in manila, but they deliver worldwide :D and its not a couple of quid for the embossing... its like five pounds per letter :D

cd_mfo said...

Girls, these bags are arriving in Manila this October/November! Watch out for them! =)

Bloody gorgeous, 5 GBP x ie 3 letters, that's just 15 GBP. Still a couple of quid, unless one wants to spell out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Cristina Martins said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have talked about your blog on mine.
You can have a look at it here:
If you are uncomfortable with its use, please let me know and I will remove it from the blog.

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