Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sharing My Outfit Day: Wore My Londons + The Gorilla Bag

Dear Hubby came back from a super short trip to Manila bearing gifts. Lots of pretty clothes for Berry from Auntie Lorr, the Angs, Cuas and Yaos, and a very educational Leapfrog toy from the Cos. Plus, when Auntie Ing came over to visit us, she also brought a super cute outfit for Berry!  Super thanks Aunties and Uncles! Berry, you so lucky! 

Well, I was lucky too because Dear Hubby brought along gifts for me as well! Like my London brogues from Anthology! Which is all I've been wearing these days! Lately, I've been pairing it with high-waisted, pleated and cuffed trousers from H&M and my Alexander Wang Rocco duffel, which Dear Hubby says, looks like a gorilla.

And not because of the heavy and scary black studs:

But because the leather looks so rough and tough.

Although actually, looks can be deceiving. This is quite delicate! It has little nicks and scuffs already :( Then again, I use this as a diaper bag,  which I normally stuff under Berry's stroller, so this been used and abused heehee.

Speaking of bags, I can't wait to use another gift! My JFK tote from Rootote! Will be taking that out for a spin very soon! ;)


Unknown said...

tin, so funny! when jacob saw the camel version of the rocco bag he said "it looks ugly" haha! ended up not buying it but i still like it!

dementia said...

The bag is gorgeous! Your husband is right though, it looks a bit kinda like a gorilla

Unknown said...

I want that London Brogues as well!! hee.

Katrya Kyla said...

I love your outfit! :)

cd_mfo said...

Hay naku Chico, our husbands will never understand talaga, so just buy it! Hahaha!

Heehee, thanks Karen! =)

It's super comfortable Nina! Get one! ;)

Awww, Thanks Katrya! I was actually in a rush to go out, I didn't even get to accessorize. So thanks for seeing the possibilities of the total outfit, hihi!

Jillsabs said...

Your brogues are amazing! I've never tried out Anthology, how do the pairs there rate, comfort-wise?

cd_mfo said...

Hi Jill! I only have the brogues, but judging from this one, they are are super comfortable! I would say 9 out of 10 (because 10 is socks/barefoot comfort, hehehe). Leather is soft! Ka-level ng patent Repettos! I haven't worn it for long walks ala Manhattan shopping marathon type, for errands lang, but I am completely happy, no leather rubbing against skin at all. Get one na!

Lloyda said...

i want the brogues!!! they are really so pretty... they're in my wishlist

cd_mfo said...

Get them Lloyda! I want those Giordano oxfords of yours too! =)

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