Saturday, July 24, 2010

Style Star: Janelle Monáe

Since I mentioned Janelle Monáe in my last post, I thought I'd share with you why I'm lovin' her! She's just so sprightly and stylish, and so adorable! Plus, I always find myself bopping to her music. I first discovered her via Vogue, and since then I've kept my eye out on what she's been wearing.

More than her dainty dapper style, I admire her commitment to looking like this, even when she performs! What discipline and dedication! I have style ADHD, I can never commit to a look you know? I'd get sick and tired of just wearing blazers, pants and brogues all the time.  Even if they were Boy. by Band of Outsiders! Anyhoo, here, let these photos do the talking!


Lloyda said...

ooooh i love this girl's style! super androgynous-ly great!!!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! Yes Lloyda! Her collection of blazers and brogues are amazing!

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