Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Glimpses of an Outfit

Sigh, I never manage to get decent outfit shots these days. I'm always on a rush to go out or do something else. Thought it would be fun though to share bits and pieces of a total outfit, and you can just imagine how everything looked all together, heehee!

Me: Chambray button down shirt from Old Navy, Balenciaga sunnies
Berry: seersucker dress from Ralph Lauren, Saltwater sandals

Black oxfords (London) from Anthology

Tulip "sweatskirt" from American Apparel

Linear Stud Rocker bag from Rebecca Minkoff
Berry: dress from Zara, Baby Gap flipflops

Oh, and must share these photos of Berry! If you're wondering about her outfit change above, you'll see why she had to wear outfit #2 after seeing this series of photos:
By the time she was done playing in the makeshift pond, she was soaked! My friend Pilar, mom of the birthday girl Sophia, was impressed at how Berry had 2 outfit changes in one afternoon, hahaha!

Oh Berry! You are such a star!


Eubelle said...

berry you are such a star :)

Katrya Kyla said...

Berry is SUCH a cutie!

trina said...

see u soon berry!!!!

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