Friday, August 20, 2010

So Perfy!

Ugh! How perfect can this outfit be? Everything in here screams, "I want!".

Love the Theory shirtdress (called Ashleigh, and sold out at Shopbop! Why am I not surprised?), the Miu Miu platforms, THE CELINE BOSTON TOTE!

Ugh! I hate you Blair! Only because I'm jealous!


Anonymous said...

What do you usually wear under these shirt dresses? Because whenever I wear shorts, it causes ugly bulges & makes my hips & butt look wide. :O

cd_mfo said...

I usually wear boy shorts or Jockey's no panty line promise brief! You can also take your cue from DVF (yes as in Diane), I read that she wears bikini bottoms as underwear. Come to think of it, they're thick and comfy and it wouldn't be such a shock if people see a flash of it, if ever, but hoping that won't happen!

Anonymous said...

I love wearing my yoga shorts underneath dresses like these. Old Navy has some good ones.

The Bag Hag said...


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