Saturday, September 04, 2010

Learn From The Masters: September 18 to November 13, 2010

If you've always been into fashion and wanted to take classes, but never found the time for it because of school or work commitments, I have the most absolute perfect reason for you to dive into the world of fashion design and styling - SATURDAY CLASSES!

This September, Designer Fashion Workshops will begin it's second and last run of workshops for 2010. From September 18 to November 13, spend your Saturdays with Jojie Lloren, Lulu Tan-Gan, Roy Gonzales, Inno Sotto, Joey Samson, Robi Lolin, Noel Manapat, Pidge Reyes and Numer Esconde. Consider it learning from the masters themselves!

DRAPING 1 - Jojie Lloren
DRAPING 3 (pre-req. Draping 2) - Roy Gonzales
FASHION DESIGN MODULE 1 - Joey Samson, Robi Lolin, Lulu Tan-Gan
(pre-req Creative Exercises in Sewing or knowledge in use of sewing machine)

Here's a list of the workshops, with the corresponding schedules and fees! Just click on the image below to see better!

You may choose to sign up for one workshop, or sign up for more to fill a whole day. But it is strongly recommended that you sign up immediately, at least a week before the workshop starts so you can get a slot.

Workshops are held at:
3F, PhilFirst Bldg.
6764 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, PH

For more information and inquiries contact Jessica Tan-Gan:
Tel. 994.5592 or 0918.8031322

To learn more,  please visit the "Designer Fashion Workshops" Facebook page. But do it quick and make sure to sign up asap. With fees ranging from Php 9,600 to Php 10,500 and classes held on Saturdays,  there's just no excuse not to have the chance to learn from Manila's top designers, while indulging your fashion dreams.

UPDATE: Get 10% OFF the enrollment fee by mentioning "Manila Fashion Observer" when you join the workshop! =)

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