Sunday, October 24, 2010

And The Winner of a BDJ 2011 Planner Is...

April aka Who's the Sales Lady!

Here's her winning answer:

I celebrate being in the PINK of HEALTH.

I used to have a very stressful job that guarantees that I will get home when the sun is down and be at work before the sun goes up with about 2-3 hours in between for sleep and not much else. I endured that for 4 years.

As a result, my body went against me and my immune system went haywire and I suffered an autoimmune disorder.

It was a wake up call that ultimately made me take stock of my life and leave my job and transfer somewhere more conducive to my health.

My then company would not build me a monument even if I killed myself working for them so why kill myself by working too much and not living enough and missing out on life?

Several months after, I healed myself and I am happier and have a more balanced life compared before.

A renewed life and improved health is something to celebrate!

April, please email to claim your prize! If you happen to make it to the BDJ fair at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, The Fort on October 24, 2010 (Sunday), from 2:00-9:00 pm, go to the registration booth - just bring a valid ID, and look for Diane Ty to claim your prize!


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