Sunday, October 03, 2010


Growing up, up until today, I get a retail high from book stores and stationery supply shops.

Whether I needed it or not, I'd often end up buying things, always with some excuse as to why I needed them at the time - notebooks (Jordi Labanda, how stylish, maybe it'll rub off on me), pad papers (for my to do list, never mind if I have a Filofax - a Filofax, how quaint!), folders (I have lots of reading material to organize, as if), markers and colored pencils (useful when I'm feeling creative, which happens every 10 years), another stapler (this one's perfect stapling a thick stack of pages), a tape dispenser (it's pink and it has sand inside) and yes, books and magazines (do we need an excuse for that? Uhm, no) !

Days before the big move, my editor Cecile asked me to check out Marc Jacobs's new pet project called Bookmarc, a book store, for The Radar.

I said "Yes! Of course!",  never mind if I had 20 million boxes of stuff to take inventory of. Thought that was the perfect excuse to step out for a breather, because hello, it was for "work" you know.

A few days before Bookmarc opened, we happened to pass by and I saw it was still boarded up. I thought nothing of it really, except for the fact that I found it sad that Biography Book Shop closed down after years of occupying that spot. (Well it's not that sad, Biography Book Shop re-opened as Book Book down the same street.) With Bookmarc now in its place, at least the essence of the place to browse for interesting reads wasn't entirely lost in translation. To my eye, they also pretty much kept the place intact, save for a paint job.

Here are a couple of items that caught my eye:

Take note, nothing from Marc Jacobs's Special Collection items are over $30. So true to form, I couldn't resist walking out the store with stuff I don't really need, hahaha! (Hint: I'm giving that leopard print key chain away, along with some other things I picked out myself, for my long delayed blog anniversary giveaway! Will get to that when I have the time, pfffft! But yeah, watch out for that!)

Read all about my Bookmarc finds and their prices, HERE!

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