Monday, October 04, 2010

Hardcore Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware never fails to inspire me. I want to sleep in a room that looks like any of these:

With a primping area in the bathroom:

I like the mix of rustic and industrial here. I can imagine filling the bookshelves with my collection of books. So when I have the chance to sit, I can just plop myself on the couch and read to my heart's content:

I don't need a fancy dining room. I want one that's open and welcoming, a table to share stories at while enjoying home made meals. When I was growing up, our house was open to all our friends, and every one who came over was welcome to sit down and enjoy a meal with the whole family. All my childhood friends have fond memories of dining at our table, munching on tacos and sloppy joes, or my Mom's Italian style spaghetti. Those were always a hit with high school kids, haha! Practically whatever it was that we had on the table, it was welcome to be shared. When Berry grows up, I want our home to be the place for her friends to hang out too.

And I would love a kitchen with a prep table just like this. So French! Oooh la la! I just don't know how safe it is to put breakables on open racks like that! Especially with a toddler in da house! Yikes!

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