Monday, October 18, 2010

Manila, We'll Have to Wait Patiently

So, H&M tweeted about new H&M stores in Austria, Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the US of course.

Naturally, H&M fan that I am, I had to ask about Manila and Singapore! Sadly, according to H&M, there's nothing to report yet on Manila! Does this mean a Singapore store is in the works? Silence means consent? Heehee!

I guess for now H&M Hong Kong and China will do!

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Caddy said...

I'd love for them to open up in Manila.

I disagree with the mentality of some Filipinos I know who don't want popular foreign brands to open up stores in the Philippines because that means everyone will be able to buy from these brands, making the pieces they (people with this mentality) owned not as unique. The other version of this mentality is saying shopping abroad isn't as fun if these brands open here.

My take is that the truly stylish can make things look better than the rest. They know what looks good one them. What works and what doesn't.They know they have items that someone else has too but they can wear it better. It looks great one them.

Brands like H&M, Zara, Gap have stores all over the world. Pick what you like and wear it your way, cause chances are people across the world have a similar item of clothing already. You only need to look at places like to see similar pieces of clothing worn with individuality.

Anonymous said...

H&M will be at the new mall being constructed opposite 313@somerset, along orchard.

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