Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Arrivals! Jeffrey Campbells at SM Fashion Forum

Honeyz! Check out the new JCs hitting SM Fashion Forum end-October or early November! Take note, prices are between 10% to 40% below US retail. Nothing over Php 4975! So why buy from the US, or worse, spend on knock-offs, right?

Foxy Wood in Leopard

Rally, comes in Black and Nude (gorgeous too!)

Mary Roks in grey perforated suede

The Snicks! In Dark Tan

Tick NS in Black

Eeeeeeeep! I'm getting these Pixies!

If you're looking for something safe, there are pumps, oxfords, lace-up boots and loafers coming as well!
Snipped, comes in Khaki and Black

Loggins in Tan

There's more coming! I leave the rest for you to discover in store! SM Fashion Forum is at the 3/F of SM Department Store in Makati. Opening soon in SM Megamall and SM MOA.


raissa said...

WOW!! Loving Mary Roks & Rally. Cant wait to check them out next week!! Thanks!

Danielle said...

Will definitely check these out. *Lita boots please! ;)*

cd_mfo said...

Hi Raissa! Are you back in Manila?!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

The Snicks!! Thanks for the heads-up!

raissa said...

Hi Christine! Yup, I am! =) since May actually!

cd_mfo said...

Will def bring that up with Rissa, the buyer, Danielle! ;)

You're welcome Dani! =)

Oh! Cool! Is it for good Raissa?

raissa said...

Yup, looking like it. 12 years is enough =D. How's SG treating you? I have relatives there & might visit some time early next year =D

I have been looking for grey shoes & Mary Roks sure fits the bill. The Rally is love too!

Lloyda said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeiiiiii!!!!!!!! i so need to check these out!

Sharnie Hung said...

It's good news and bad news all at the same time for me! xD Mary Roks. Loggins. <3

excSHOESme said...

eeeeeeeep!!!!!!! i waaaant especially the foxy wood and loggins!!!

Denise said...

Thanks for the heads up! Been passing by there almost every week this month just to check! Haha. It is so expensive getting it from the us. I hope they bring the lita in blue. They are seriously the most comfortable heels ive ever worn. Oh and the mariels and tube 2 in red..

cd_mfo said...

Oh ya! I agree, 12 years is long enough. We're good, still missing our old place. Hey, when you're in town let me know!

You have to Lloyda! Will let you know when they're in stores!

Hahaha! True Sharnie!

Get them Golda!

You're welcome Denise! I'll definitely let you know when the JCs are in store!

mel said...

I hope they're bringing in the Charli clog. I've been lusting over those for a long time.

melvel said...

Oh also the Moulin, I hope they bring it here. I want that so bad.

espe said...

super great news!!!

Anonymous said...

Litas! I hope they bring in the glitter ones! Been wanting them since they came out but I don't know where to get a hold of them!

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