Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Zara October 2010

Here's what's in stores this month. Since Berry and I go on walks along Orchard everyday, I'm almost always ducking into Zara. I'm liking the minimalist, Celine-esque vibe of these looks:

Throwing in this look from TRF, because I never got the 3.1 Phillip Lim sequin jacket and I'm still hankering for one.


Rica said...

hi christine =) you might wanna check out i wanna go home there in singapore. =)


and eat at yanta =)

She said...

My comment is not really related to your post, but when you have your stroll in Orchard this Thursday, do drop by Takashimaya to check out the Sanrio Fiesta :).

cd_mfo said...

Thanks for the tips Rica! I read all your Singapore posts, heehee!

Ooooohhhh! Sanrio Fiesta! I like! Thanks She! Will go tomorrow! =)

Anonymous said...

dying to get the camel blazer <3
i think the clothes are so me. LOL

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, that camel blazer is love! Get it Grace!

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