Friday, December 03, 2010

Cambridge Satchels Coming to Manila Soon!

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Yes! You read that right! The schu ladies Ruby & Jayjay, my friend Naomi, and myself have made it possible for you to get your very own Cambridge Satchel! Because we've got a shipment coming by JANUARY 2011, and will be available at schu shops!

The thing is, quantities are extremely limited, and I am afraid that with our friends and family alone, who have been bugging us daily about them, we might run out of stock before February rolls around.

So, we figured, we'll be taking orders for the next shipment as early as now! Hmmm, let's see. It takes 4 weeks to produce and a couple more weeks to ship out, so these will be coming in by March 2011. You've got all the time to save up, even though honestly, these all-leather bags are so well-priced, you don't really need to count your pennies ya know! We don't have landed cost as of yet, but just to give you an idea, we'll be pricing these at less than Php 10,000 per bag (could be much less but def not over), so no worries about spending too much!

Ok, for those interested in pre-ordering here's how it goes! Send an email with your name, email address and contact number to (or leave a comment, we won't publish your info, promise) with the following info:

Bag Type: satchel/batchel/music bag
Size (applies only to satchels): 11"/13"/14"/15"
Color: Green/Dark Brown/Chestnut/Purple/Black/Red/Navy/Yellow
Personalization (extra charges apply): Embossing (silver/gold/blind + letters/initials) and/or Enamel School Badges

Now, enjoy these photos from Urban Outfitters and imagine yourself carrying your very own Cambridge Satchel. See if these don't make you want one, stat!

To help you decide on sizing, colors, and personalization, click HERE!

PS - For those who aren't ready to commit yet, but are mulling over getting one, we're curious, what color and size would you like? Leave a comment, let us know!


amity said...

lovely! i ♥ the red one.. stand-out! 15" to fit laptop..

Unknown said...

red and brown! smallest one! haha!

esquire said...

15" chestnut batchel with blind embossing! I emailed Schu na :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Yay! Don't have to bug London friends anymore.

kong-chu said...

Tin, is it heavy? :D And its only to manila noh?

donnacher said...

15" dark brown satchel for the husband and 13" chestnut satchel for me!

Anonymous said...

hi, what is the size of the satchels in the urban outfitters photos? do you recommend that size for office/everyday use? thanks! - B

Jaclyn Tan said...

Hi Tin! Email sent! =) I'm loving this! BTW, I was Harvey's batchmate in law school and college. Regards to him! - Jackie

Jaclyn Tan said...

Tin, the email that I sent to the gmail address bounced, I think somethings wrong with the address.

So I'll just pre-order here:

Bag Type: Satchel
Size: 14"
Color: Purple
Personalization: Silver Embossing - JAT

Name: Jaclyn A. Tan
Email address:
Contact #: 0917-8852248

appledumplings said...

Yey! I've been on the fence if I'm buying this at UO for months now! It's finally coming to Manila.. no need to buy in the US and WAIT!

Anonymous said...

They look nice! It's the perfect chic professional-looking bag for the Mac. Same question as kong-chu -- is it heavy?

Lloyda said...

pretty!!!! :)

cody said...

Chelo Songco
Bag Type: satchel
Size (applies only to satchels): 11
Color: Purple


Vannie said...

Hi! i'm interested in ordering, however i am not sure what size to get. we likely have the same built and initially i am thinking of the 14", but maybe it might be too big?

anyway, here are my details:
name: vanessa pineda
contact number: 09178808267

Bag Type: satchel
Size: 13" or 14"
Color: Red or yellow (can you recommend?)
Embossing: Gold, SVP

in the picture above, the yellow one has this top handle. is it because it is a backpack or do satchels have that option to have a top handle?


Anonymous said...

Damnit! LET'S GET NA!!!! NOW NA!!

Plan A: Will stalk Schu branches January.
Plan B: Pre Order.

What color ka? XD

cd_mfo said...

Yes Lady! Get it here na lang! =)

Sara, Kris! It's not heavy, mga 2-3 lbs?

Hi B! I believe Urban's is the 14". Great size for everyday use!

Hi Jackie! Yes, got your order thanks! Are you related to Lala Lazatin and Gretch Varela?

Heehee, yes appledumplings! No shipping costs too!

Hi Lloyda! Got your size and color! Thanks! Yay! =)

Karrots! Will let you know when they'll be in stores. Get one, and then do a plan B too! Hahaha! Ako I will start with a basic color! And then collect the other colors?! Heehee!

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