Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking on Easy eTreet

If you're a hardcore bargain hunter, or you just get a kick out of getting a sweet deal on products and services, then eTreet is for you! While Groupon is set to launch in the Philippines soon (yes it's true, it's been confirmed by Groupon's PR person herself to me), Pinoys need not wait for a chance to get discounted treats, when eTreet is here!

According to Catherine Aquino of eTreet, eTreet is a group buying site put up by herself and her partners who are all housewives. They thought that since they spend a lot of time in front of the computer, they might as well put their interest to good use. Now, being a housewife myself, I can relate. I surf the net to look for things to obsess about and in the process, I started this blog to talk about my fashion and lifestyle choices. Meanwhile, Catherine and friends? They put up a business. Now why didn't I think of making and saving money instead of spending? Hahaha! But seriously, this group has your self-interest in mind too!

Take for instance today's Treat:

That's 50% off a meal right there for you! Now, how does one get in on snagging such sort of savings? Let me show you:

So yeah, there's a slight catch. A certain number of Treats need to be purchased for the discount to take into effect. But that only means, there is power in numbers! That being said, tell your frugal friends and what the heck, the spendthrifts as well, that it's time to give themselves, eTreet!

To learn more about eTreet, visit their site and "Like" them on Facebook

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