Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby Oh, Baby!

While vacationing in Manila back in December, I bumped into a childhood friend of ours, Sheila Aurelio-Ledesma at Mercato Centrale in Fort Bonifacio. Seeing that Berry was with me, she said, "Ate Tin! You have to check out this line of natural baby food!"

So we walked towards another stall, and she introduced me to her SIL Rina, plus Tina & Rebecca, the mommy chefs behind Oh, Baby!, a line of all natural baby food:

(click on scanned flyer to enlarge)

Because Berry is allergic to dairy and eggs, I have been very careful with the sort of food I feed her. She almost always eats home cooked meals, and I also take extreme care not to add salt to her food. But our vacation schedule was so hectic that I was guilty of feeding her restaurant food! So thank goodness Oh, Baby! came to the rescue! I tried a bottle of their tomato puree (Php 80) which I added to hot pasta, and she enjoyed it! She could finish a whole plate of it, it was that good. (I can vouch for it, Berry was eating a lot of it so I got curious as to why she loved it. I took a forkful and it tasted really good!)

I also bought their Go n' Grow cookies (Php 120/pack), and since it was traffic all over, I would bring along a pack for Berry to nibble on while we were out on the road. Between the Banana Chocolate Chip Go n' Grow cookies and the Apple Raisin Go n' Grow cookies, I personally love the Apple Raisin. I myself couldn't stop munching on them! They were so good, and tasted so healthy and natural, it just had a homemade taste and feel to it!

Oh, Baby! is the "baby" of former high school classmates Tina Trillana-Lagdameo and Rebecca Disini-Gomez. When they had their babies, they couldn't find anything in the supermarkets that they felt were good and healthy enough to give to their little ones.

Because both were trained chefs, Tina (CIA) and Rebecca (Le Cordon Bleu, London) decided to put their culinary expertise to use and make tasty and nutritious meals for their babies from all-natural ingredients. Their kids loved the food so much that they decided to share it with other parents and babies.

And thank goodness for that, I swear! For those days when I had to rush out to an appointment or a meeting, and couldn't wait for her home cooked meal, I would just pop open a jar of Oh, Baby!, mix it with freshly cooked pasta and I didn't have to feel guilty feeding Berry pre-made baby food! Oh, and Berry loves their applesauce (Php 80) too! See, she wouldn't let go of it when I wanted to take a picture?

"Lovingly Made by Mommy Chefs"

Oh, Baby! also sells red rice (Php 45), pasta (Php 45) and teething biscuits (Php100/pack). Manila based mommies, you can stock up on these  baby goodies at the Oh, Baby stall in Mercato Centrale. How I wish they could also sell their whole line in Singapore!

To order, or know more about Oh, Baby!, visit their website and get updates via @ohbabyph on Twitter!

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