Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It was one of those "Awwwww" moments. While cleaning out and organizing our bookshelf at home, (which was such a hot mess, it was begging to be fixed)  I came across this book and as I opened it, this envelope tucked in between Marcel Proust's pages spilled out.

Then, a flashback: I remember Chico, Kaye and I walking around the West Village back in March 2008. We had just come from Chelsea (Loehmann's to be exact, where we scored  fantastic deals on shoes! Chico got Sam Edelman flats and I bought Sigerson Morrison sandals. I think Kaye was good and did not buy anything, imagine that!), and wanted to check out Biography Bookshop on Bleecker Street (where I bought said Proust book.  Biography isn't there anymore, it has since been replaced with MJ's Bookmarc). From across the street, we saw that there were people having their photos taken with a skunk through the windows of Marc Jacobs's store and of course, we had to have our photo taken:

I just had to scan this for posterity's sake. 2008 seems like a long time ago now. Chico was still single then, and engaged to be married to Jacob. Kaye was in NYC taking courses at culinary school, and Dear Hubby and I were married, but not yet blessed with Berry!

Today, Chico and Jacob are now the proud and beaming parents of bouncing baby Jet. Kaye has visited us once here in Singapore, and continues to educate us on the best places to go to for brunch in this little island we now call our home base.  Months after this photo was taken, of course, as you all know by now, we got pregnant and warmly welcomed Berry into our lives!

Time flies. New York feels like a lifetime away now. Must. Visit. Soon. Hopefully this Spring 2011 =)

P.S. - Oooohhh, I just realized, this is my first post using my new camera! I actually had it for a while now, but only started using it this December. Thanks for all your camera inputs btw! I got the Lumix LX5 (from Amazon - still much cheaper getting it in the US than buying it here in Singapore) and it does take great pictures. I am not totally happy with the crispness of the pictures though, I am still having a lola moment trying to figure out this contraption, hahaha!

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