Sunday, January 02, 2011

Stanley Ruiz on The Radar

During the 80s and 90s, when I was growing up, it seemed like a flight of fancy to want to become a photographer, a writer or a designer. To middle class parents, it didn't make economic sense. The "arts" was for people who could afford to indulge in such "hobbies". I don't think it is a sweeping generalization to say that my generation was prodded to go into law, medicine or finance because these were seen as stable, "real" careers. During my time, if you wanted to be a make-up artist or a stylist, the adults would never take you seriously.
So of course, I love it when I hear, see or meet people from my generation who have made a name for themselves in the arts. They've thumbed their nose at convention and are so successful at it,  that they are recognized for doing so.

When my friend, jewelry artist Happy David told me about Brooklyn-based Pinoy Stanley Ruiz's feature in Surface Magazine's Avant Guardian issue for 2010, I knew she was on to something special. Here was this guy from the College of Fine Arts in UP Diliman, one of those "grungy, creative types" from the other side of the campus, featured in a New York magazine! Now, none of my doctor, lawyer or even US MBA educated friends have ever been in one, so this was like, "Darnit, told ya we're in the wrong industries!"

Stanley's Raw Clock, which was featured in Avant Guardian, incidentally, is sold exclusively online at Urban Outfitters, o diba!

Curious as to how a creative from UP Diliman found his way to Brooklyn (the place to be if you're an artist in New York), I interviewed Stanley about his work and his Brooklyn hot spots, for my first story for 2011 On the Radar.

(Photos in the article by Tammy David)

Enjoy and be inspired! Read HERE!

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