Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Bags

Alexander Wang's niece Aila sure is rocking a baby Chanel 2.55 (a gift from Uncle Alex!) but this post is not so much about babies carrying bags, but more of a trend I am seeing - baby versions of all the bags that us big girls love!

It all started with this Celine nano luggage tote that the SA showed me in Celine Ngee Ann City.

This is super adorbs! It's all leather, and it comes with a detachable strap, so you can sling it like a shoulder or a cross body bag. Thing is, it's almost the same price as that mini luggage tote you see on the left. Hmmm, tough call right? Do you succumb to the cuteness or do you go for what's practical? Although, wouldn't it be shockingly cute (although I find it too indulgent) to see a little girl tote the micro luggage? Plus, mom can use it as a sling bag when she needs her hands free.

Yesterday, we spotted these:

But before you say, "Huh? That's just the Alexa, that's nothing new..." Check this out:

These are the mini versions, Baby! They come in Watermelon, Oak and Black and retail for SGD$1230. The Mulberry website sells it for US$695. Cheaper in the US, even with the GST refund in Singapore for sure. 

While I don't think big bags will ever go away because they sure have their purpose, and there are days when only a big bag will do, I see the wisdom in small bags. Now whether you spring for the baby version of a luxe bag, or you just buy any normal sling bag from the tiangge or a department store, I think you are doing yourself a favor by jumping in on the trend. Small bags are made for weekends - relaxed and casual. They are enough for you to keep essentials on hand, and perfect when you need your hands free (especially if you have a little one!). Besides, there are times when you don't want to be burdened by a big bag. Goodness knows, now that we don't have a car, and we just take public transportation in Singapore, I've realized that I really can do without a lot of things in my bag. I just carry a Rebecca Minkoff MAC or the Rocker sling and Berry's diaper bag, and we're fine.

As my friend Gretchen Uy says, "With small bags, you have to exercise discipline!" And isn't discipline and restraint the mark of true style?

(Photos via Divasoria,, and My Wardrobe)


trina said...

oooh! i love the baby versions!!!

ate tin, i want the marc by marc jacobs watch pendant. help me pick! i want a pocket watch, but i think the watch pendants are too cute! i also thought of a watch charm bracelet. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

CUTICLES!!!!!! The baby Alexa is making me giddy!!

Mom-Friday said...

waaahhh....I love that mini Alexa watermelon!!! :| I need to save, save, save!

Anonymous said...

ooh, that's the baby Celine! Cute too! But the Mini Alexa in watermelon just looks so yummy.

Unknown said...

oooh! so cute! i hope you don't mind my asking but how much is the celine small tote in sing? (the one in canvass) tried looking for one in hk but no more stock :-(


cd_mfo said...

Trina, I think watch pendant is better!

Hahaha! Cuticles! Super nakakagigil talaga in person Karrots!

Mom-Friday, Kris, the watermelon is super nice in person! It's a pinkish kind of red! Yummy!

Hi Marivic! The Mini tote is SGD2,000 but you can still claim GST for that! =)

trina said...

ok, i like the silver/enamel marc by marc jacobs Love and the kissing doves... what do you think is cuter? please help me pick! it's on the marc jacobs and nordstrom website. i already saw the gold ones, and they're not as remarkable...

jun got me a tiffany necklace for our anniv and valentine's, but i asked him if i could return it for a marc jacobs watch pendant. it's cheaper and cuter too! i think i'll be smiling looking at the time everytime... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I hope you will reply my comment! Cause I would really like to know how much is the celine nano luggage tote? Thank you so much!!

cd_mfo said...

The Celine Nano is about S$2200

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