Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Singapore Shopping: Bimba y Lola

I blame it on Alexa Chung. I first heard about Bimba & Lola (or Bimba y Lola) from her. And well, you know, whatever Alexa likes, Tintin likes too! (Copycat!) When I found out that Bimba y Lola had a store in Singapore, I knew I just had to check it out, yo! One of the incentives for moving here, I thought. Good thing when we got here, our serviced apartment was super near ION Orchard, which meant I could always stop by and visit. I love the dresses, love the shoes, totally could see each piece on Alexa. It's really "her".

But it can be a bit pricey. Like a top is about S$260 and shoes are S$300ish. A little duffel bag that Berry got was S$135. I just had to get it for her. When she saw it on display, she just ran for it and hooked her arm on the handle and wouldn't let go! The SA made her choose between brown and pink, and she got her first choice, the brown one! Such a classic,  grown-up color! Even the SA was amused!

But because I have been on saving mode, I have avoided the store. To keep away from temptation, you know. When my friend Ivy and her sister Mizel came to visit, lagot! I just had to show this to them, because everything in here is love! And they were on sale too! 30 to 50% OFF! Wah! Double lagot! And you know what, when we got in, the SA recognized Berry! Why? Because Berry ran for the orange version of her brown duffel bag! "She really loves that style", the SA said.

While Ivy was trying on shoes, Berry helped herself to a pair. Can you guess which one here?

Yes, she chose the pair that was like the shoe version of her outfit that day! This girl is THE CUTENESS!

Ayan tuloy, because they were so sweet with Berry and let her try on shoes and play with the accessories, I thought I had to buy something (sus, kunwari pa ako, excuses excuses!). Presenting my Bimba y Lola oxfords at 40% OFF!

Berry and I are matching again! Goodbye Dieppa Restrepos!

Now, my oxfords collection is complete. I think.

From L to R: Cole, Rood & Haan, Rag & Bone, Bimba & Lola (heeeeyyyy, what's with the & & &)

Bimba y Lola
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B1-22, 238801
Tel + 65 6509 3305
Open Weekdays 10am-10pm


kaye i. said...

Lagot talaga!!! Berry sure knows what she likes. I love your oxford collection, maybe you can start calling it Dieppa & Restrepos! LOL. Sorry for being "kunsintidora"?

cd_mfo said...

Yeah! She's so consistent! Heehee! And! LOL at Dieppa & Restrepos! Pinilit! Hahaha! You're too funny Kaye!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, fashionista in the making, berry cutie!

~S from DC

Kaycee Enerva said...

your daughter is sooo cute!! i imagine having a daughter too

too bad i have a baby boy.. XD cant take him with me shopping.

love your blog, just followed ya!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Thanks S! =)

Thanks K! Boys can be fun to dress up too! They will not like shopping though hehehe =)

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