Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Mavens, Meet AVA

AVA Teaser HD from Andrai Antonio on Vimeo.

Girls, I know I've been going on and on about AVA, Here's the story, it On the Radar.

More than just selling handpicked items, below what we would pay at retail, what's really special about AVA, is their desire to promote Philippine design. According to Jen Kelly, AVA co-founder,  

"We're really working with the premiere local designers from apparel to shoes to accessories instead of only offering foreign brands. 

AVA is different because we're really invested in growing the Philippine fashion industry and become a platform for Philippine designers to be discovered and loved around the world." 

A lofty goal that holds water. With Harvard Business school educated, proudly Pinoy co-founders Oliver & Jen at AVA's helm, consider it done.

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Jenny said...

there is another one - wow! after groupon, it's the ruelala sites na! i hope the one-deal a day local sites come soon - especially deals for babies and kids!! (babysteals, etc. :D)

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