Thursday, April 28, 2011

Los Angeles 2011 Day 1: The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey + In-N-Out Burger

The view from our room at The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey

After a loooong flight (SG to HK, HK to LA, almost a whole day including layovers, gah!) we got to LA and our hotel at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Turns out we didn't have a room ready yet, so we had to wait at the Lobby Lounge where they fed us with truffle potato chips and gave us 2 complimentary cocktails, although we ended up just asking for soda, hahaha. 

While Dada was bugging the front desk to get our room ready, all I could think of was dinner at In-N-Out Burger. I told my sister Trina and her SIL Belle that we had to pay homage to In-N-Out, because Dada's Dada had been raving about it for years, but I had never never even stepped foot inside an In-N-Out. All my California based friends seemed to speak of their burgers with much pride, and so awesome, that they claim families and friends back home would even request visiting Californians to hand carry these burgers. In a nutshell, I thought of In-N-Out as something almost mythical, and I was looking forward to taking a bite of that legend.

I even tweeted about it on Twitter and @franrgh told me to get the Double Double! Two beef patties! Double Trouble!

When Trina got off from work, she and husband Jun picked us up and we went straight to the nearest In-N-Out from our hotel. I was so hungry and so excited that we made a beeline straight to the counter! Here's what we got:
A cheeseburger for me and upon @franrgh's reco, Double Doubles for Dada & Jun...

Fries and the secret menu staple - "Animal style fries" made with grilled onions, cheese and spread (something like a thousand island dressing actually)

Thank so much Trina & Jun for the yummy burger dinner! It was what I expected, the burger patties, although thin, had a unique crisp quality to it. However, my personal fave, Five Guys, is still #1! East Coast for the win! Just kidding! Hehehe! (Incidentally, there's a Five Guys now in Seattle, Bellingham, WA, North Vancouver and in Surrey BC - yay West Coast!)

Finally saw Trina after 7 months! And yes, Berry still remembers her =)

The following day, we made plans to do a bit of shopping so I could stock up on Kiehl's for Berry (ridiculously overpriced in Singapore) a replacement apothecary jar for the one Berry broke from Crate & Barrel, and a couple more items I couldn't find in SG.


jp24 said...

Planning to try Five Guys this weekend here in Seattle :) What burger would you recommend I try? ;p

cd_mfo said...

I recommend the regular cheeseburger (it's a double patty too) and cajun fries! You get to choose what goes inside the burger, I go with fresh onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and jalapeno - but up to you what fillings you want! You can put as many as you wish! =)

A Loopy Life said...

Hmmm...I think we have a Five Guys close by as well...will definitely try it now after your rave! :)

fran said...

Wow, I'm mentioned here! I feel so special! :"D Hope you enjoyed your In-N-Out experience, kahit you still prefer Five Guys! ;p (have to try them nga, to compare!)

cd_mfo said...

@A Loopy Life You must try! It's really a juicy, hearty burger! =)

Hi Fran! I enjoyed In-N-Out and will definitely pay a visit every time I'm in LA! Hehehe! Thanks again for the tip! =)

anonymous paul said...

if you're still there you could give umami burgers a shot too.

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