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Contributor Post: Penshoppe Holiday 2011

I received an email a few days ago from Isabelle, a Creative Writing student from Ateneo. She was asking if she could contribute to the blog, and I figured, why not? No, I do not know Isabelle personally, it was basically a "cold call", but she made the effort to email me with samples of her work (which were pretty good), so the least I could do was to give her a chance.

I remember when I was dreaming of becoming a published writer, and I would write journalists asking them how to break into writing, and they'd give me some vague, half-hearted answer that didn't show me the way or at least point me to a direction. It was disappointing not to be taken seriously. Then again, I was a stranger to them. But I vowed that if it was my turn, and young people went to me for advice or whatever, I would do my best to be of help.

Fortunately, I had just received invites to the Penshoppe Show at Philippine Fashion Week and I thought it would be fun for Isabelle to go and write about it. I mean, if I were 19 and I got offered to go to any Fashion Week, I'd be psyched to go. So, I asked Isabelle if she would like to go and bring a friend, and she said yes! I RSVP'd for Isabelle and her friend Sarah, and told them to go and enjoy! Here's Isabelle's write-up, with Sarah's photos:

Trailblazer, one of the final shows of this season’s fashion week packed a full house at SMX’s function room 5 for Penshoppe’s Holiday 2011 runway show. Frontlined by celebrities such as Solenn Heussaff, Victor Basa, Bea Soriano, and Mikael Daez, the show attracted audiences not only from fashion insiders but from the huge fan crowd as well.

Brand director Alex Mendoza introduced us to the collection and the brand before the models strutted out in the latest of the iconic Filipino label.

With an opening number by a live band, the models sauntered out garbed in leather, studs, glitter, and oversized sunnies show how the brand definitely embodies that rock chic and bad-ass glamour in their holiday collection.

Rhinestone-studded accessories like electric guitars slung over models’ backs and fedoras embellished with feathers gave emphasis to the show’s glammed-up punk-themed collection.

Despite the jet-set-celebrity style portrayed, the basics were never forgotten as ever-present in every ensemble were the staple tees, tank tops, jeans, and jackets – albeit given little twists and highlights.

Tees were highlighted with a dust of glitter, tanks were embellished with discreetly placed yet chic studs, and jeans were a special highlight – grommets and rivets strategically placed on back pockets, dark washed denims, and wax finishes giving it that “leather” sheen.

Wearable enough on its own, the  pieces are just right for a casual day out, and at the same time perfect for a party when worn with any of the dressier separates including leather jackets and skirts, band jackets accentuated with gold buttons and clasps.

Finishing the set of looks was a plethora of metallic accessories ranging from shiny aviators and studded belts, to chunky chain necklaces and skinny, fringed neckpieces. A neutral color palette was carried out throughout the entire collection, spiced up with metallic hardware and details of deep reds, and a little of green and turquoise.

A standout among my favorite looks was this particular set:

The model werked a sexy side of the glam rock vibe with harem pants worn with a black cut-out top under a crimson cropped leather hoodie that fit snugly just enough to show a little sliver of skin. With thick bangles and a chunky necklace, the pieces which could have otherwise been worn casually were put together as a dressier pairing by pulling it together with statement accessories.

Words by Isabelle Rodolfo
Photos by Sarah Napala

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Anonymous said...

I know this would sound absolutely terrible, but a little criticism wouldn't terribly hurt, right?

The writing itself sounds so forced. The strings of words make up sentences that sound too *trying*. It's far from natural. The words seemed put together by rules found in books, rather than personality and feelings.

I heard this a while ago: don't be unique for the sake of being unique.

(I just had to get that off my chest. I used to write, until I decided I wanted to write programs instead. XD)

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