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MFO Shoe Series: Kat Dy, New York

Kat, as seen on Street Fashion at Refinery29 (outfit details - here)

If you read Cosmopolitan Philippines, then you know Kat Dy. She used to be the fashion editor until she moved to NYC to take further studies at FIT. Kat & I bonded over shopping, literally. She was researching on vintage shops in the LES for school, and our mutual friend Happy, Berry & I tagged along for the "sights". 

Kat loves shoes as much as she loves dressing up. There is no denying that. What is so great about Kat is that she is a seasoned shopper - she finds amazing pieces that cost next to nothing! Like the 99 cent silk blouse she is wearing above, and other thrift store surprises she comes across (read about her $1 pumps below). As an intern for the up to the NY minute website Refinery29.com, she also gets free stuff! How amazing is that!

Kat is proof that one can have flair & style without spending a fortune. She's got it down to a science. Read on about her inspired shoe escapades.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Here in NY, about 50 pairs more or less, but I left so much more in Manila! I sometimes get flashbacks of pairs that I own that would have gone great with an outfit. Back home, they were kept in Php50 plastic boxes I got at SM Department Store. Here they have taken over one side of our bedroom, and are all over the floor. My boots are stuffed inside our coat closet in haphazard order. I'm running out of space!

What's your shoe size?

Size 7

Which pairs are your favorites?

It always changes depending on the season. Last winter, it was my patent beige Schu loafers, leopard printed chain ankle booties (for when I go out), Alice+Olivia for Payless black and white oxford flats, flat brown boots that I customized with red laces, and Dolce Vita for Target lace up combat boots.

On her customized boots bought online at GoJane: Added the red laces to replicate the look of hiking boots. I gave my boyfriend colored laces so he could do the same with his boots. There are times when we end up wearing the same red laces and look matchy-matchy haha! Now, his sports blue ties. He also has green ones.

Oh and my lace-up Uggs duck snow boots. They're probably the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought but they were worth it—they kept my feet warm during New York's winter snowpocalypse.

This season, it's my French Sole "Love" sandals, Aerosole leather woven sandals, Tonic sandals, and again, my Schu loafers.

On her Tonic sandals & shoe repairs: I wore them so much the soles broke in half. I bought a similar pair online but the shape and color wasn’t the same. I ended up getting them resoled because the soles cracked and I didn't want to throw them away. I’ve spent probably more than $200 getting most of my shoes resoled, but the money is a good investment. With all the walking I do, my poor shoes are bound to get battered.

Here's a quick recap:

From L to R:

Black combat boots by Dolce Vita for Target. Easy to wear because of the angled zipper, which is the other thing that makes these boots cool.

Mango loafers. Not for walking in the entire day but the fasyon factor makes it a worthy purchase.

Schu patent loafers. Took a while to break them in but now that they’re appropriately worn in, I wear them often. They go with most anything.

Alice + Olivia black and white oxfords. Super comfy since it’s styled almost like a sneaker with a flat treaded rubber sole. I added the laces and I’ve worn them like that ever since.

Dexter leopard kitten heeled pumps. Bought these for a job interview, but I feel like I'm channeling Isabel Marant when I wear them.

Leopard booties. My favorite pair for going out since they have a comfortable heel height and the spots add that “rawr” factor!

If you could only wear one pair of shoes, which one would it be?

You do know that this is an impossible question to answer, right?

What are your favorite shoe brands?

None, really. I just buy whatever catches my eye and I can afford, with the latter always having the last say in the matter!

What's in your shoe lust list?

Reed Krakoff's boar hair ankle strap sandals.

Any Camilla Skovgaard wedges with the wicked serrated heels.

Penny and fringed loafers from Rachel Antonoff's collection for Bass

Alexander Wang nubuck booties, and the rose gold metallic tasseled loafers from his Fall 2011 collection.

And after several weekly visits to the West Village Shoegasm store to gaze longingly at Chelsea Crew's pink suede low-heeled sandals, I have finally decided to buy them! That and the Rachel Antonoff for Bass are probably the only things I can afford on this list haha!

Where do you buy shoes?

Anywhere! I made a recent purchase at the warehouse sale of a vintage retail chain here in NY. I picked up $3 patent leather loafers (that are absolutely heaven to wear), and two pairs of $1 vintage pumps. A few weeks ago, I impulsively bought a pair of Harajuku Lover's plastic wedge sandals at Daffy's for $20. I couldn't resist their bright yellow hue and saucy bows.

Outlet shopping: I discovered the French Sole outlet located on Lexington Avenue on the Upper East and have bought these pairs. 

1. The LOVE sandals are probably my comfiest pair ever and cushion my feet so well even after a day of intense walking. I bought them because of the fun metallic color combo but I didn't realize they spelled out "LOVE" until a friend noticed it. One time, I was standing in line at a coffee shop and a girl was staring at them until she finally asked me if she could snap a photo of them. 
2. The pink plastic striped ones are cute but leave my feet sweaty, yuck, so pampacute lang ito haha! 
3. The silver flats are adorable but after I bought them, I realized they were a copy of a Miu Miu style that I think you have Tin! J But they’re great when I want to be a bit dressy but don’t want to wear heels.

Perks of the job: Free shoes!
I’ve been lucky to score some free pairs, like the black Santogold for Vans collaboration sneakers and the Sorel snow boot, while working at Refinery29 (www.refinery29.com), a fashion news website. 
The blue Nikes are a sample I got from my boyfriend. His friend works in Nike Europe and he gave these to me. They also come with orange laces. 

What's that one shoe you can't bear to give away or throw out?

I don't think I've every really consciously thrown out anything. But I have a couple pairs of beaded velvet mule slippers purchased at the Filipiniana section of SM Department Store back home that I will probably keep forever. They're the ones that lolas love to wear but I just KNOW that I will be able to wear them out again. They're just that comfy and fab!

For more of Kat & her finds, visit her blog, Kat Dy Finds.


Kat Dy said...

Thanks for the feature Tin! Kinilig ako!

Anonymous said...

Hmmn, that French Sole from the outlet resembles the miumiu flats that you have.


cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Your passion for shoes transcends words, Kat! I can feel the excitement!

Hi Kate! Yes, Kat did say that, heehee. I've actually seen some local brands in Manila and SG selling similar pairs, there are just some slight differences.

RubyG said...

Yey!! Kat loves schu!

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