Monday, May 16, 2011

Vancouver 2011: Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island purports itself as Vancouver's Town Square. Fair enough. It's that place in the city where there's everything for everyone in the whole family, in-laws included. You've got art, music, beer, food, sailing, shopping and lots of activities for the little ones to keep them busy.

For us, a trip to Vancouver isn't complete without a visit to Granville Public Market. From organic fruits and vegetables, freshly caught seafood and salmon smoked to perfection, to gourmet coffee, bread and chocolate, there's plenty of gastronomic delights in store.

Yes, excuse me, hello, I would like to know what those are?

An octopus. $7.99 a lb.

Salmon, with the head cut off. What is it about fish heads that freak people out?

Yes, I see I got good shots for Mommy's blog.

Smoked salmon, if you'd rather have them in a bagel with cream cheese... 

A variety of berries in all shapes, colors and sizes...

Mushrooms, peppers, beans, eggplants, cucumbers and herbs...

More leafy green vegetables...although what I am really in the mood for is bread...

A fine selection of pastries at Terra Bread

While I enjoyed browsing the food stalls, Berry had a blast trying to befriend pigeons, and then running after them. Angkong was so amused!

Meanwhile, I managed to coerce Dada to take an outfit shot, which is really just a wardrobe remix of what I've worn previously. Told you I traveled light.
striped shirt from Saint James, Gap jacket, Topshop pleather shorts, 
H&M scarf (the lighter version of the blue one I've worn previously), J.Crew belt, 
Wolford tights, Repetto Jacksons, Celine luggage tote


kong-chu said...

Berry is berry cute!!! Peyton missed you na! See ya later!

kat said...

You wear a scarf so well! You look so chic.

kaye i. said...

You guys should just move here! We'll go shopping and have tea at Granville Island together. ALL.THE.TIME.

Berry's pictures with the pigeon's too cute. My fave's the one with her Lolo, made me miss my own (late) Grandpa. And her pose! Too "dalaga". LOL.

A Loopy Life said...

You went to Terra Bread! I love their breads and pastries! And I have that same scarf, heehee. :)

florence said...

ahhh stuarts bakery, sa tabi nun they have this tea store that makes the best chai.

cd_mfo said...

Great seeing you all ths afternoon, Sara!

Thank you Kat!

Kaye, awwww on Lolo :) Will just plan more vacays in BC in the meantime!

Yes Karen! Terra bread!

Oooohhh! Must go there next Florence!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures, and the last look sooo chic!

~S from DC

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks Sharonel! =)

Therese said...

I love your posts with Berry in it :)

One day she won't go through photo albums but your blog instead :P

Anonymous said...

berry's so cute!!!

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