Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love The Olsens

I love these girls! Ugh! And MK makes me want to wear tattered denim shorts with black Celine wedges. The denim shorts, I have those, but Celine wedges? Heller!

I am sure their t-shirt line via StyleMint will be really yummy, as the title of this InStyle (July 2011 issue) feature goes. StyleMint is said to work like Kate Bosworth's JewelMint, but I have an issue about paying a monthly fee just to get access to the merchandise. I mean ok fine, technically, I can skip a month by clicking "Skip This Month", but I have to do it by the 5th of the month. But knowing myself, can I really keep tabs and religiously check in and skip before the 5th of each month? I don't think so.

But I guess that's the genius in this business model. If you forget, then fine, since your card gets charged, then spend it on a shirt anyway. 

The shirts are made by the same manufacturer that has the license to Elizabeth & James and Textile Elizabeth & James (as well as Olsenboye), so that should be of decent quality at a decent price.

Tasty! Just don't forget to "skip a month" if you don't find anything you like!

PS - I also want their sexy, tousled hair.


Meryl said...

Gah, the Olsens just do everything so effortlessly! They still look put together even in a simple shirt and tattered shorts outfit. Some girls really have it all... yes, even the sexy, tousled hair.

A Loopy Life said...

Yeah, it was the hair I really focused on! Haha!

cd_mfo said...

@Meryl & @Karen: Yes, the hair! The hair! I want! =)

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