Monday, June 06, 2011

Richmond, BC Eats: Prata-Man

Prata-man gets a lot of bad rap for their roti prata - having been compared to frisbees or discs, hahaha. But in fairness, while theirs may not be the soft, flaky rotis one would normally expect, it has the texture of scallion pancakes, which I like. Crunchy and generally fun to eat.

Their curry is yummy too.  The beef practically melts once it hits the mouth. Being a rice person, I can imagine this would be a dream to eat with plain, fluffy basmati rice. That'll hit the spot.

We ordered fried rice...

To go with our pork satay. While I would generally prefer chicken satay (it was out of stock when we asked for it) the pork satay was surprisingly delightful. The pork was marinated to perfection, and it was tender, no pork pulling if you know what I mean.

The place is honestly, a dive. You don't go there for the ambiance or the view, or what not. It's simply a place to get good, cheap comfort food. Service is, well suck-y, but you don't go there for the service either.

So let's stick to the topic of food. Prata-Man actually, further convinced me that food in Richmond and Vancouver is the best compared to anywhere, even the original! You know why? Prata-man's Singaporean food is better than most of the local fare I've tried right here in Singapore.

Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine
Richmond Central
9020 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC V6X
(604) 278-1348


Anonymous said...

I've never eaten here! I will tell my family in Vancouver =)

cd_mfo said...

I hope they like it Kris! My dad in law says they increased prices daw last he visited, so he wasn't happy hehe! But it still should be a reasonably priced meal =)

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