Monday, July 25, 2011

New JC Wishlist!

Honeys, it's time to play assistant buyer again! With new designs and crazier ones out now, it's time to work on a whole new Jeffrey Campbell wishlist! Carissa & I rounded up a couple of styles. Let us know what you like so that there's a better chance that you get the pair you've been dreaming of! ;)

To keep it simple, let's do it like this:

Contact email or #: so it can be set aside for you if it makes the cut!

Benched in natural: also in black, grey, nude, rosa & tan

Cobra in black

Darian in Taupe: also in black, silver/gold, velvet

El Carmen in black & white polka dot

Elegant stud loafer in black

Foxy wood in grey: also in black, nude & multi glitter

Franklin 2 in white: also in black suede

Hot Stuff in black

Lana in black: also in brown distressed

Lita in Navy Suede

Mariel in tan suede: also in black suede, nude, and snakeskin

Obispo in natural

Sabine in nude

Safety in tan

Sassy in black: also in nude, red and turquoise

Suebee in rosa: also in patent black, nude and yellow

You may also choose to add to Fashion Forum Philippines JC wishlist page on Facebook too!


Czarina Maye said...

Name: Czarina Maye Mariano
Style: Foxy Platform
Color: Blue Suede
Size: 8/8.5
Contact #: 09163414131

Conchita said...

dear tin, you'll be the death of me! LOL!

can't decide between franklin and suebee!!!

Name: conci clemente-navarro
Style: suebee or franklin
Color: nude suebee / white franklin
Size: 5.5
Contact #: 09285023695

Gia Lee said...

Name: Giacca Tugob
Style: Foxy
Color: Grey
Size: 7.5
Contact email or #:

Unknown said...

Name: Nina Beatrice Lacson
Style: Elegant stud loafer in black
Color: Black
Size: 7.5
Contact email or #: / 09163826819

Gad, there are A LOT of pretty heeled shoes that INSTANTLY give oomph to a simple outfit but only few pretty flats that could make a simple outfit stand out! This studded loafer is really something!!! <3

ria roxas said...

Name: Carmina Roxas
Style: Hot Stuff
Color: black
Size: 8
Contact# 09273471666

mars said...

waaaah love most of the styles you guys chose!

Name: maria sahagun
Style: sabine
Color: nude
Size: 7
Contact email or #:

kookai said...

Name:Kristine A. Guinoo
Style: Foxy Wood in Grey
Color: Nude
Size: 6
Contact email or # 09176249755

Glenda B. Mantaring said...

Name: Glenda B. Mantaring
Style: El Carmen
Color: in black & white polka dot
Size: 9

I lurve most of the style but since I still don't have polka dot shoes I'm choosing this one & I think it would look good and sexy for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Maria Teresa L. Camacho
Style: Franklin
Color: Black Suede
Size: 5
Contact #/email:0905-277-2926/

Anonymous said...

name: Stacey Seng
style: darian and mariel
color: taupe and black suede
size: 7.5
contact: 09273797300/

i love the new JC designs! just a question, does the darian design come in mustard too? :)

Anonymous said...

Name: mean geneblazo
Style: suebee!
Color: nude
Contact email or #:

RachelCrz said...

Name: Rachel
Style: Sabine
Color: Nude
Size: 5
Contact email or #:

Anonymous said...

Name: Honey Christine Abrau
Style: Mariel in Black Suede
Color: Black
Size: 5.5
Contact email or #:

do you also have the jc moochie style? if so, pls. also email me.

thanks :)

D said...

Name:Debbie Chua
Style 1:Benched
Contact email :

Style 2:sabine
Contact email :

Anonymous said...

Name: Tetet Evangelista
Style: Cobra in Black
Color: Black
Size: 8
Contact email or #:

how much is it? :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Sheryl
Style and Color: Mariel in Black Suede, Hot Stuff in Black, Darian in Taupe, Suebee in Rosa
Size: 5
Contact email or #:

How much and when will it be available?

I hope at least one of my picks will be available and fit will be good :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Wena
Style: Benched
Color: beige
Size: 5.5 US

Thanks! :)

Katherine Sicat said...

Name: Katherine RS

Style: Franklin 2

Color: in black suede

Size: 8

Contact email or #:

ladyviola11 said...

Name : Armi Dorado
Style : Suebee
Color : Rosa
Size : 8
email add:

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Name: Shirley Mae Tabora
Style: Franklin
Color: White
Size: 6
Contact email or #:

Dayzley said...

Name: Deys Paulino
Style: obispo/ snick std/cobra in black
Color: Natural/any color/black
Size: 6.5/7
Contact email or #:

Anonymous said...

Additional wish list! :D

Name: Czarina Maye Mariano
Style: Sassy
Color: Nude Suede
Size: 8
Contact email/#: / 09163414131

Anonymous said...

Name: Mary Joy Buendia
Style: Safety in Tan
Color: Tan
Size: 7.5 - 8
Contact email or #: 09207158344

Cecil Li said...

Name: Ma. Cecilia Li
Style: Cobra
Color: Black
Size: 6
Contact email:

.:: v ::. said...

Name: Reg Geotina
Style: Sassy in Nude/ Safety in Tan
Color: Nude or Red/ Tan
Size: 7
Contact email or #:

Pretty Gorgeous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Name: Jonna M-S
Style: Elegant stud loafer in black
Color : Black
Size: 6.5 / 7

Anne said...

Name: Anne Nicolas
Style: Suebee
Color: Nude
Size: 7
contact email:

jnel said...

Name: Jnel V.
Style: Franklin 2
Color: Black, white, and nude suede
Size: 6 or 6.5
Contact email or #:

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