Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Current Inspiration & Latest Obsession

I am loving, loving, loving these pieces. Relaxed, casual and yet so chic. Well, save for the leather top and spotted pants, I would so wear this everyday. I am inspired.


Carla said...

These are lovely, especially the colored trousers :)

ceemee said...

I love the dresses!

Anonymous said...

I'm crushing the dresses...where to get?

~ S from DC

Anonymous said...

These are nice. As we age, our metabolism somehow slows down, which makes those flabs harder to conceal. Instead of reaching for that tight top, we would rather reach for comfortable androgynous yet light and feminine tops. I personally love men's trousers (zara men work best for me) paired with the softest cotton tees (old navy perfect tees are my best bet) and really fierce shoes plus oomph accessories. These pictures remind me of my uniform. Comfortable, no-nonsense, yet undeniably confident and sexy. Love, love!

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