Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover Works on Shoes and Chairs

This morning, I met up with my friend MM, who was in town for a business trip. Over breakfast at Food for Thought, she asked me about Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, because she was planning to give it to her mommy friends for Christmas. My other friend Kristine brought up the same thing, so I have decided I will think of a nice gift packaging for it, because it seriously is a brilliant idea! I will let you know once I've come up with a cute way to give it to friends, so you may all place your orders for Christmas, heehee!

Anyhoo, all this talk about Grandma's Secret Spot Remover also reminded me about my friend Ingrid aka The Baghag's success story with Grandma's. Her DH stepped on her favorite pair of DKNY espadrilles, and she was understandably distraught...
I told her to try Grandma's but she was worried about a ring forming around the treated stain (you know, those water stains on canvas). I told her no such thing will happen, and true enough, Grandma's came to the rescue! ;)
Here's another happy story. My sister Nicole was cleaning her plastic chair, to no avail. She tried using Pledge, but the dust stains wouldn't budge. She tried scrubbing it with detergent, still no effect. She then experimented with Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, and as you can see here, the left side treated with Grandma's looked pretty clean, while the right side remained dirty:

Encouraged, she went ahead and treated the whole back with Grandma's and of course, it looked good as new:

Amazing right? Didn't realize Grandma's works on plastic too! Then again, Grandma's is a miracle product, so this shouldn't come as a surprise! ;)

For the complete list of Grandma's stockists, click HERE! We are adding more to the list, including Chimes Felcris in Davao, select National Bookstore branches and at SM Fashion Forum, so watch out for announcements! To my readers in Singapore, Grandma's is also coming soon to retail stores near you!


Anonymous said...

Oooooooh! I was the one who suggested Grandma's to The Baghag on Twitter! Not sure if you remember, but it was me! :)

Anonymous said...

does it work on suede also?

Unknown said...

WOW! with capital letters! I remembered one of the first posts I've been reading here was about this grandma's stain remover..

Maria said...

Awesome. Really, it works. How did you discover this product?

cd_mfo said...

@dontaskmetosmile: Oh yes! @tightsarentpants on Twitter! I remember! Thanks so much again!

@Anon: It could work on suede, but better while it's a fresh stain.

@Belle: It really is amazing, my life has changed with Grandma's haha!

@Teen-teen: Works like a charm! Discovered it at BuyBuyBaby in NY =)

icholle said...

i finally found it in abreeza. thanks for the directions! heehee. excited to see how it works. :)

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