Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Madonna x Dolce & Gabbana: Round 2

Honeys! Let's gear up for Round 2!

It was so hard to choose our Top 5 answers. I could relate to all the mommies who wanted, no needed this. My heart was tugged at by daughters who wanted to win sunnies for their moms. I know how priorities have to take precedence over splurging on designer eyewear, how exciting it must be for fans to wear something that Madonna had something to do with. And of course, just simply how fun it must be to win something indulgent and fabulous! But I've come up with a good representation of motivations, and to make round 2 more exciting, let's ask the following readers:

...to show us how much they really want the sunnies! Here are the next steps:

1. Ladies, take a photo of yourself in a Madonna inspired look. OR! If you are shy, create a Madonna inspired look that you would wear, via Polyvore, Powerpoint or Paint. You may also do a collage manually and scan it. Then, email your entry to manilafashionobserver@gmail.com by August 6.

2. I will post your photos in a blog post.

3. We will decide on a winner on August 7!

Let the fun, begin! =)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

congrats to the finalists & to christine for the successful MDG promo!:-)

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