Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mustela bébé

My Darlings, I just wanted to share with all of you that Mustela, Berry's go to brand for skincare, has been available in Manila for a few months now. You may have come across these products in Rustan's or in one for their stalls, and I urge you to give it a try. I first came across Mustela when my friend Sarj said I should add it to my baby registry. A 60 year old French skincare brand with 4 different ranges (including 9 Months, Dermo-Pediatrics & Sun Protection) and widely used by moms and babies in Europe, I like that it is hypoallergenic, paraben and phthalate free and has a delicate delicate smell unlike other baby products. I also think it has played a huge role in taking care of Berry's sensitive skin.

I remember when Berry was a newborn and I was so clueless. I would bathe her twice a day, in warm water, not realizing that it was drying out her skin. She broke out with eczema and it was so bad I felt like crying looking at her. At the time, I did not realize that baby skin was a whole lot more sensitive than I thought. Here's how Mustela illustrates it:

So, I drastically changed her bathing routine, giving her a bath only once a day, using Mustela's Foam shampoo and Dermo-cleansing, but this time in tepid water. Then I would give her a rubdown of olive oil after. In less than a month, her eczema cleared up and her skin was as soft as a baby's should be.

Thankfully, diaper rash was never a problem with us. I swear Berry has never had a diaper rash ever. Our nurse in the hospital recommended that we not use baby wipes  on our newborn for diaper changes because of the chemicals, so instead, we did it the old fashioned way with cotton balls, but soaked in water or PhysiObebe (which incidentally, is so mild it doubles as a great makeup remover according to Tammy Tancinco of Mustela Philippines)

From the very first diaper change, I also religiously applied Mustela Vitamin Barrier cream every time Berry had to change her nappy. When she was born till the time she turned one, I only had to use a tube of the Vitamin Barrier cream. It's worth it because you only apply so little and it goes a long way.

I do switch Mustela with Kiehl's Baby, but Mustela almost always wins out when it's time to replenish. I continue to buy it because I just can't risk it. I have thought of switching to Johnson's now that Berry is bigger, and besides, it is a lot cheaper. But whenever I take a sniff of it, I find the smell too strong now, all I can think of is chemicals. I know strange, I grew up using Johnson's so it should be fine, but Mustela is just so much milder and more natural.

I swear by Mustela that I would enthusiastically recommend it to expecting moms, and moms with new babies. Actually, a set of Mustela bébé products make a great baby shower or christening gift too! Baby bath products are a practical yet still thoughtful present that a mom will cherish forever. I always remember our friends Apoorv & Chinmayee whenever I use Mustela, and our cousins Henry & Brenda when I use Baby Kiehls's.

Especially if your baby has sensitive skin like Berry's, I am saving you time and telling you now, you don't have to try any other brand, just stick to Mustela, and you're baby's skin will be better than fine.

Look for Mustela at:
Ayala Trinoma 1st Level ( beside Cafe Mary Grace )
Robinson's Manila 1st Level Midtown Wing ( beside Topshop )
Pure Beauty 2nd Floor Serendra
All Rustan's department stores
Glorietta 4, 3rd Level (in front of Gourdo's and Play & Display)

Soon to open:
Shangrila Mall, Level 4, in front of Mothercare- Oct 15, 2011
Megamall A, 2nd Level, in front of Esprit- Nov 1, 2011
All Landmark Department Stores- 1st week of October 2011



Anonymous said...

hi! may I pls ask what's the brand of olive oil that you use?

Anonymous said...

i hear you! A is a mustela bebe too!

~ S from DC

Gracie said...

Mustela is a must for Dade, too. Love their Musti cologne -- so sweet smelling!

Anonymous said...

Hi !! I was wondering if their maternity range is any good ? esp their stretch marks cream :)


Anonymous said...

the maternity range works great. the stretch marks double action (to help prevent the appearance of new stretch marks) boast laboratory tests to prove that 96% of pregnant women who use it really do not develop stretch marks during pregnancy. and you can ask around, many moms swear by it, including me.

they also have a nipple cream for breastfeeding, lanolin free, safe to be ingested by baby.

they have a bust support cream which helps prevent the sagging of the breasts.

an instant comfort legs to soothe tired and manas legs, plus helps prevent the proliferation of varicose veins.

they have ultimate hydration, a lotion for the pregnant mom, which is extra moisturizing. pregnancy hormones dry the mom's skin.

finally, they have a post partum restructuring gel to firm up loose skin or skin that has sagged due to pregnancy and childbirth.

all the products are great :)

xie said...

hi! i used johnsons on my baby's hair but after a while it smelled sour. i switched to babyflo, and same thing. and with these post, i will try mustela shampoo. :)

my pedia told me to not apply powder, cologne, lotion bec it would trigger asthma but my baby is so active. after playing she easily perspires.. a lot. i want to freshen her up with some cologne. what d u recommend? thanks!

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