Saturday, September 24, 2011

Samantha Sotto in Singapore

In Singapore this Sunday? Come to Sam's book signing event, 2 pm at Prologue, ION Orchard! 

Feel free to bring your family and friends! =)

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Unknown said...

Hello Ms. Christine,

Totally off topic, do you think the GRANDMA'S SECRET SPOT REMOVER works on leatherette bags too? My bag got stained and I'm just so sad because I'm selling the bag :( I don't know how to remove it and the culprit. It's a cream bag and I don't know if I just didn't notice the stain when I bought it 'coz it's not noticeable indoors. Parang highlighted discoloration, stabilo-ish, parang glow in the dark turquoise.

Your review on the product months ago is the only spot remover I have in mind to use and been meaning to buy.

Your thoughts on this matter will be highly appreciated; thanks,
Nina :)

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