Friday, October 21, 2011

BusinessWorld High Life Oct-Nov 2011

Judith Juntilla, editor at BusinessWorld High Life, recently asked me to come up with a round-up of luxury clothing brands for their "Wearable Wealth" section of the October-November 2011 issue. I tried to cover the history, essence and signature looks of 14 well-renowned brands in short 150 word paragraphs. Accompanying the write-ups are illustrations by Wilford Almoro. It's a light and easy read, and maybe nice to keep around, for reference.

BusinessWorld is in available in National Bookstore and Powerbooks. Or check the paper out at work when you get back on Monday ;)

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RipeMango said...

hi christine,

just dropping by your site, and registered as member so i can always follow ur posts.
i'm a newbie blogger, pinoy based here in Sg.
just moved here about 3months ago.
i hope my own blog can take-off like yours.
but i havent found my niche yet.
just doing it for fun.

God bless,

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