Friday, October 07, 2011

The Great Shoe Mystery

I am just curious. You see, Berry lost half a pair of her Havaianas a few months ago. Today, Berry lost half a pair of her brown Tiny TOMS with pink hearts. So sad.

But what bothers me is, what happened to the lost pair? I feel bad for the other pair, and can't seem to throw it. I dislike the feeling of missing pairs. Knowing that one is home safe, while the other is somewhere out there =( I know, I am too attached to Berry's shoes.

I really don't get it though.

You see, every time Berry would drop a shoe in Manhattan, somebody would come running after us. No fail. One time it was a banker-type guy. Another time, two twentysomethings looked for us a good block or two away from the B,D Grand Street subway stop in the Lower East Side just to give me Berry's shoe. Most of the time, fellow parents, who know how it feels about kids losing their shoes would come and tap me on the shoulder, handing a sandal or a boot. And in cases where we realize we lost a sock or a shoe? Dada has often found it lying on the road or the sidewalk, precisely where it was dropped or a few meters from it at the most. So yeah, Berry tends to lose a sock or a shoe a lot, but we always found them, in Manhattan of all places!

Meanwhile, here in Singapore, in both instances, the shoe just disappeared! We retraced our steps and couldn't even find a trace of the shoe anywhere. Nobody tapped us on the shoulder to return the fallen shoe. 

Which begs the question? Where did the shoe go? Did somebody pick it up and thought it was cute and brought it home? Why can't they just leave it on the floor and wait for the owner to come back for it? Or at least set it on one side where people won't walk over it.

I just don't get it. What do people here do with one lost shoe?


Deb said...

:( oh no.... those were awesome tiny toms!

guess the cleaners in SG are just too efficient...

Jae (Pinay Homeschooler) said...

Probably, those who spotted Princess Berry's shoe might have disposed it right away in the trash bin? LOL. That's weird though. Even when we were in Belgrade(Serbia) people would always attempt to return my son's shoe even if they don't speak English. I feel you though, I'm also attached to my son's toys, shoes, etc.

Wonder Woman said...

They give it to their kids who also lost shoes in Singapore. :p

Eubelle said...

aww, what a sad little post :( that is a big mystery. you are definitely right, even people here in california are the same way. we have not lost a pair of the kids shoes because someone is always there to return it. sometimes even chasing us down just to give the other pair of socks/shoes.

very interesting post :)

cheng said...

It seems that Berry is your little Cinderella :) Cute. I know the feeling. We lost a pediped shoe when my son was like 6 months. Never found the lost shoe and I still have the other one. Can't let go :I

Johanna said...

perhaps yeah direct to the bin, that country is kinda OC

janie said...

Aww, those were really cute tiny toms. I'd be sad too.
I have no idea what someone would want to do with a single shoe.

kaye i. said...

Oh no... I get devastated when I lose one sock in the laundry, what more if it's a shoe?!?! :(

Yeah, people probably chuck it straight into the trash can... isn't Singapore known for being one of the cleanest places on Earth?

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