Monday, October 10, 2011

Rosa Clará Bridal

It has been 3 years since our wedding yet I still can't help but admire a gorgeous wedding gown when I see one. While I am happy and extremely pleased with the wedding gown Debbie Co made for me, and can't imagine wearing anything else, I've got to say these gowns from Rosa Clará are simply elegant yet dramatic:

Rosa Clará, a chain of over 60 bridal boutiques worldwide which was founded in Barcelona, is NOW OPEN at the ground level of The Residences in Greenbelt. I think the store will be a hit amongst brides who appreciate a clean, well-designed aesthetic.


KatDyFinds said...

Type ko yung may pockets! So convenient!

cd_mfo said...

Yes! I love pockets on wedding gowns, very handy when you get cash or checks as wedding gifts, easy to slip in there, hahaha!

Handpicked by Ron and Chris said...

The store is across our condo and from the pieces shown by the window, they look beautiful. We will try to sum up the courage and walk across to Residences, though we're not brides :)

Iris said...

Wow! Rosa Clara is opening soon in
Greenbelt? Hurray!!! Any news on the month?

Anonymous said...

Rosa Clara is already open! Check out their Facebook page

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