Thursday, November 24, 2011

By George!

My friend Belinda got me to look at leather shoppers with a fresh eye since she told me about hers, and I feel like jumping into the trend, teehee. While satchels are the hottest bag shape these days, leather totes in the shape of grocery bags are going to be hot, I can feel it. With versions ranging from Margiela to Baggu, there's a leather grocery tote to suit every budget. 

If a stylized tote is more your thing, and you don't want something too literal, then consider the Givenchy George V Shopper. They've been around for years now, but when I saw these on the window of Givenchy in Paragon, I admit I did a double take.

It's quite nice no?


A Loopy Life said...

Have you seen these?

Aïssa said...

I like that Givenchy very much! It's funny how totes are back in trend now. Practical bags always win imo and it's even better if they're stylish too!!

Maye of said...

They're definitely gonna be a big hit. Just got back from my HK trip and a few carrying a leather tote from Celine. Ang ganda niya! :) I want one too!

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