Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nixon: Gold Member

Because I have been getting a lot of queries about Nixon, I have forwarded all your Qs to Lyza of Segnatempo. Here's her reply:

We still have stocks for 51-30, in gold, if you are interested. Please let us know so we could reserve for you. More stocks will arrive by December.

For 42-20, stocks will come in by December as well, this is priced at Php25,000.

You might be interested in the Nixon Spur All Gold, priced at 17,000.

So with all these choices at various price points, hey, are you going  to be part of the gold member's club too? Heehee!


rain71 said...

see u soon nixon :))

Anonymous said...

thank you!!! i've been wanting to get more info on these nixon gold watches :)

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