Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vogue Best Dressed 2011

Got my Vogue Best Dressed 2011 issue from Prologue in ION Orchard and everything in here is love! Love the features, the trends highlighted (punk rock, fascinators, billowy trousers, bold makeup and neon!), the rising stars featured (Clemence, Hailee, Emma Stone, etc) and of course, the nod to Coco Chanel, the icon. Does her photo look familiar? Teehee!

While a chic girl is lovely to look at, chic sisters and cousins (in the case of the Courtin-Clarins girls) make it double/quadruple the goodness! So it was but fitting to highlight the most stylish sisters ever!

Here's a rundown:
- Ashely & Mary Kate Olsen
- Dakota & Elle Fanning
- Virginie, Jenna, Prisca & Claire Courtin-Clarins
- Lily & Ruby Aldridge
- Poppy & Cara Delevingne
- Bianca & Coco Brandolini
- Beyonce & Solange Knowles
- Charlotte Gainsbourg & Lou Doillon
- Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge & Pippa Middleton
- Rooney & Kate Mara


KatDyFinds said...

Tin I want to get one for myself. hanapin ko nga yan dito sa Manila

cd_mfo said...

If you want one Kat, let me know! There's plenty here!

Kat said...

That picture of MKA is just lovely.

I don't understand the inclusion of the Knowles and Middleton sisters, though.

G_g said...

Tin, have you seen their short clip at Net a Porter? They have two clips actually, one is about their brand, The Row (love!) and one is about their FW11 collection.
- Gretch

cd_mfo said...

@Kat: Solange Knowles was surprisingly chic in her photos, but yeah didn't think the same of Beyonce. Pippa, I don't get!

@G_g: Saw that one about The Row, will look for the one about their Fall collection. Thanks for the tip!

KatDyFinds said...

Tin I have a friend going to SG papahanap ko! Hehe. Where else can you get it na madali lang hanapin para my friend doesn't go on a hunt anymore?

cd_mfo said...

Kat! Tell her to go to Prologue at ION Orchard or Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City!

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